Amber Box

  • November 2020

Theriogenology Animal Technician
College of Veterinary Medicine: Pathobiology and Population Medicine
MSU campus

Years in position: 3
Years at MSU: 10

Amber Box started her career as a student worker for the College of Veterinary Medicine. Her job now is to schedule appointments, work in patient care, and teach the veterinary students at MSU.

“My favorite part of the job is getting to work with all species of animals,” she said. “Every day is different and exciting.”

She has always been passionate about animals, and this role lets her share her passion with the future veterinary medicine practitioners. Amber is specifically interested in horses, and they are her favorite animals to work with and see at the Animal Health Center. 

Amber wishes people understood that the pressure for perfection in veterinary medicine is very real and can be hard on people. It is important to show grace, humility, and kindness, especially during more stressful situations that can occur in their field. 

“The most important advice I could offer to students is to volunteer as much as possible in as many different settings as possible such as veterinary schools, private practices, and ambulatory services,” she said. “Each of these will help give you a better understanding of being a veterinary technician and what the job requires.”

In her spare time, Amber enjoys spending time with her husband Logan, their three sons, Walker, Elijah, and Russell, and their two adopted two dogs, June and Piper. 

“I have always enjoyed working for DAFVM during the 10 years I’ve been a part of the vet school family,” Amber said. “There are always fun celebrations and encouragement to take part in, and the resources needed to help further your knowledge. I also enjoy getting to meet new people.”


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