Callie McKey

  • August 2018

Office Associate
MSU Extension Service
Pike County

Years in Position: 16 
Years at MSU: 16

Callie works for Extension by helping people find the information they need. Her sense of responsibility and organizational skills keep the Pike County office running. She enjoys seeing the smiles on people's faces as she aids them through their day.

She does this by answering phones, signing up clients for certain events, receiving soil samples, performing computer work, and setting up the interactive video system for Quick Bites programs offered through Extension.

She enjoys what she does every day, and she reminisces about when she got to host a spring break camp for 4-H'ers. She loved watching the children eagerly learn about new things.

Callie enjoys her job, but it is not always as easy as it looks.

"It takes hard work and a good, understanding personality to deal with some of the clients who call or walk through our office doors," said Callie.

Callie recommends hard work, patience and kindness to those interested in this type of job.

"In the end, the outcome is very rewarding," she said. "The most important traits for this career would definitely be a kind spirit, a patient mind, and an understanding attitude."

Callie said she has been married to a wonderful, loving husband for four years. She also enjoys cooking as well as many outdoor activities such as gardening, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding.

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