Cyndi Ware

  • April 2023

Senior Research Associate
Delta Research and Extension Center

Years at MSU: 24
Years in Position: 12


For as long as she can remember, Cyndi Ware has been interested in science, so she naturally gravitated toward biology in college. For the past 24 years, Ware has worked at the Mississippi State University Delta Research and Extension Center (DREC) in Stoneville.

“My home is just down the road from this great research facility. Lucky break!” said Ware.  

As a senior research associate at DREC, Ware, along with fellow scientists and extension specialists, work cooperatively to solve crop and aquaculture production problems and transfer new information and technology to area producers. As a researcher in the molecular biology laboratory, Ware specializes in various DNA extractions, Q-PCRs, Nanopore, sequencing, bacterial identification, etc. 

“It’s hard to explain exactly what I do because my job is very technical, but it helps in the grand scheme of service to our community, mainly to our catfish producers,” Ware said.

The variety of work is her favorite aspect of her job, and Ware believes dedication, love for what you do, and a great work environment with wonderful coworkers are essential to being successful. 

With welcoming her first grandchild to the world and helping care for her mother, Ware has her hands full. When she has spare time, Ware loves to paint and enjoys crafting.

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