Eric Laiche

  • January 2023

Facilities Coordinator
Department of Plant and Soil Sciences

Years in Position: 16
Years at MSU: 16

Eric Laiche’s main office is in Dorman Hall, but he’s seldom behind a desk. As the facilities coordinator for Mississippi State University's Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, Laiche directs the planning and administrative tasks required to maintain and improve 29 buildings, as well as manages access to the buildings, and oversees the department’s safety protocols and inventory.

“Mississippi State offers a stable environment where I can use my abilities to help serve the faculty and students,” said Laiche. “I enjoy seeing graduate students fulfill their goals. Managing our greenhouses where our grad students work on their projects, I’m able to help them with logistics.”

The 1200-square-foot greenhouse filled with plants ranging from orchids to succulents even includes space for students to take a break during the day, thanks to Laiche.

Laiche enjoys pitching in wherever needed. In fact, his favorite memories on the job include when he went beyond his typical duties to help the florist recuperate after flooding and assist in the soil testing lab.

“Good teamwork is required to best utilize our shared resources, and communication is key. It’s always important to make sure everyone understands how our departmental resources are being used,” said Laiche.

Laiche received his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Technology from Mississippi State University and spent 18 years working as an engineering manager and production manager in manufacturing before returning to MSU for his current role.

When he’s not at work, Laiche and his wife enjoy camping and spending time with family, especially their four grandchildren.

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