Farley Fondren

  • April 2018

Agricultural Technician
Poultry Science
MSU Starkville Campus

Years in Position: 4
Years at MSU: 9


For Farley Fondren, diligence is key. His work as an agricultural technician in the Mississippi State University Department of Poultry Science allows him to exercise a work ethic built around dedication and persistence.

His story began at age 16, when he sought part-time work at MSU. After discovering a passion for technical work, he returned years later to accept an offer for his current position.

“The job description had activities that I enjoy. I didn’t get into it for poultry but for hands-on technical work,” Fondren said. “And, as it goes, if you’re in the field every day, you realize you may as well work for a degree in it, too.”

And so he has. Fondren focuses on poultry disease research while working and attending class to earn a degree in poultry science. Balancing classes and a full-time career is too much for some, but Fondren said he enjoys the challenge.

“You can’t sit there and wait for something to happen. You’ve got to stay on top because poultry is the top moneymaker in Mississippi,” Fondren said.

However, Fondren said he loves and appreciates his job most for its spontaneity.

“Every day is a memory because you never know what will happen when you get here,” he said.

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