Ganesh Kumar

  • Delta Research and Extension Center


Dr. Kumar is an aquaculture economist with research and Extension experience in production economics, farm management, operations research, consumer behavior, behavioral economics, and policy issues primarily related to the aquaculture industry. On the production side, his work focus on topics such as cost efficiencies, technology adoption, risk modelling, and production optimization. On marketing side Dr. Kumar has investigated various factors affecting seafood choices. On policy side, his concentration is on economic impact assessment, impact of regulations on aquaculture, health economics, and other applied research pertaining to aquaculture production and marketing.


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Most relevant ongoing research include investigating the 1) economic impact of catfish industry, 2) regulatory costs in aquaculture sectors, 3) investigation of production factors critically affecting newer catfish production technologies, 4) adoption of new productive technologies in catfish industry, 5) business planning models for catfish industry, 6) economic impact of catfish diseases, 7) risk factors associated with aquaculture supply chain, 8) Resource use efficiency of aquaculture practices, 9) Impact of Covid-19 on aquaculture supply chains, and 10) factors influencing seafood trade.

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