Jenna Schilling

  • January 2020

School of Human Sciences
MSU Campus

Years in position: 15
Years at MSU: 15

MSU Extension associate Jenna Schilling coordinates TummySafe, a Food Managers Certification program for child care providers in Mississippi. She says her main role is to help those in the program overcome their fears to obtain their certification.

“My advice to a student is to never stop learning,” Jenna said. “Technology is changing constantly and we have to adapt as well. I do so many things today that were not part of my job 15 years ago.”

Jenna manages the day-to-day functions of the program. These issues include helping people when they forget their password or when their credit card doesn’t work. Jenna also trains the traditional classroom instructors.

“Kindness and patience are the most important traits in my career,” Jenna said. “Providers call in a panic and can frequently be short tempered; I have to remember that they are doing their best and try to calm them down.”

Jenna’s family is actively involved in 4-H. They have competed in robotics, shown chickens, and currently show dairy cows and horses.

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