Juyoung Lee

  • Fashion Design and Merchandising
  • School of Human Sciences


Dr. Lee is an assistant professor in Fashion Design and Merchandising in the School of Human Sciences. Her research focuses on competitiveness in the Fiber-based Consumer and Commercial Products (FCCP) industry supply chain. Specifically, she investigates the effect of an industry cluster and global trade in the FCCP industry competitiveness and how to improve the global FCCP industry competitiveness. Her experience includes research and funded projects about the cotton industry global competitiveness, furniture industry global competitiveness, import and export patterns of the FCCP industry, and the FCCP competitiveness theory-building process. She currently serves as a director of Retail Certificate and teaches retail pricing and inventory management and global sourcing in the FCCP industry.


On industry cluster and knowledge
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Lee, J., Karpova, E., & Perry, L. (2017). Exploration of knowledge and competitiveness in the fashion industry agglomeration. International Journal of Costume and Fashion, 17(2), 47-61, DOI: 10.7233/ijcf.2017.17.2.047

On trade and competitiveness analysis 
Lee, J., & Karpova, E. (2018). Competitiveness of textile and apparel industries in the United States and Japan. Journal of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management, 10(4).

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Lee, J., & Hathcote, J. (2013). Apparel import decisions in the United States and Japan based on demand theory. International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education. DOI: 10.1080/17543266.2012.735256. 

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On fiber-based consumer and commercial products industry 
Go Cotton and Share Cotton: A Multi-State Project to Increase Cotton Sustainability Awareness in College Education ($34,463). 2018 Cotton in the Curriculum, Cotton Incorporated (2018)

Solving a Missing Piece: The Investigation of the Textile Industry for the Furniture Industry Competitiveness, Undergraduate Research Support Program ($3,000), Mississippi State University (2017)

The Role of Apparel and Retail Industries in the U.S. Cotton Industry Competitiveness, Undergraduate Research Support Program ($3,000), Mississippi State University (2017)

Mississippi Cotton Industry Global Competitiveness ($25,000), Mississippi Cotton Incorporated State Support Program (2016)


Dr. Lee and her research team currently investigate how resilient a Fiber-based Consumer and Commercial Product (FCCP) industry has been in the period of severe foreign competition, primarily focusing on cotton-producing states. Dr. Lee also started to investigate the capacity of domestic medical textiles and clothing industry production and its supply chain and strategies to increase the competitiveness for sustainable domestic production of medical textiles and clothing products. The goal of these projects is to utilize the economic and trade analysis of the FCCP supply chain to improve the sustainability and profitability of U.S. agricultural production systems.

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