Kalyn T. Coatney

  • Department of Agricultural Economics


Dr. Coatney is an economist with over 25 years of industry experience working in cattle ranching, feedlots, regulation, and research positions. From 1995 to 2003, he worked in management roles for Monfort and ConAgra Beef, as well as a senior economist regulating the beef packing industry with the USDA, GIPSA.  During his time at ConAgra, Dr. Coatney retrofitted production facilities, evaluated domestic and international joint ventures, and conducted beef production research from feedlot to box. While at USDA, GIPSA, he investigated allegations such as bidder collusion, extortion, coerced reciprocity, and various other business practices, winning the Secretary of Agriculture’s Award Superior. His academic research expertise includes Industrial Organization, Applied Game Theory, Antitrust, and Experimental Economics.


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Dr. Coatney’s most relevant current research involves the impacts of COVID-19 on the meat supply chain. The primary goal of our research is to identify the economic and input logistical issues due to disruptions in labor availability and efficiency. Driven by economies of size, the loss of any one or more large plants has major impacts on meat supply. As such, the secondary goal is to weigh the tradeoffs between economic efficiency and improved supply resiliency by moving toward smaller and more geographically dispersed plants.

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