Kimberley Brooks

  • October 2018

Central Sterile Aide
MSU College of Veterinary
MSU Starkville Campus

Years in Position: 5
Years at MSU: 5

Kimberley Brookes plays an important role in the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine in Starkville. One of her many responsibilities is preparing the instrument packets for the college’s surgical teams. She is also in charge of making sure all the laundry is taken care of for the surgeons. She says she and her colleagues serve all the departments in the vet school, and the key to making all the departments happy is to work effectively as a team.

Her favorite parts of her job are the people she works with.

“I have a wonderful supervisor,” says Kimberley “I also have a great group of team workers which makes the job more enjoyable. I had always wanted to work on campus, and when my supervisor offered it to me, I couldn’t stop smiling.”

Kimberley started out as a nurse working in nursing homes. She says that she sometimes misses her previous job, but she loves learning new aspects of medicine and seeing the occasional tigers, lions or horses that are brought into the surgical ward.

“This is just a different aspect of medicine. I find this work so interesting, and I really enjoy learning about the instruments and all the things that they do. I learn something new almost every day,” she explains.

Kimberley has lived in Starkville all her life, and she got a business degree in nursing school. She has one son who goes to Starkville Christian School and loves playing basketball and baseball. Along with being very busy with her son’s sporting events, she is very church oriented and loves to relax with a good movie. Her father, James Weaver, was the first African American to work in law enforcement at MSU.

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