Libby Durst 

  • March 2021

Libby Durst 
March 2021

Research Associate I
Prairie Research Unit

Years in position: 2
Years at MSU: 2

Libby Durst works as a research associate for the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station at the Prairie Research Unit in Monroe County. She supervises her team members, works with the beef research herd, and performs tasks related to budget management, inventory control, and asset management. 

Her role includes guiding team members toward completion of their goals by establishing priorities and assigning responsibilities. In addition to preparing the cattle for projects, she supports the resident scientist’s research projects by assisting in tasks such as project planning and data collection.

“Ensuring project fidelity is another important aspect of my role,” Libby said. “I enjoy the diversity of my role and working with such a great team to keep each aspect of our unit running smoothly.”

Her favorite tasks involve hands-on work with the cattle. From sorting to tagging newborn calves to moving groups for pasture rotation, she strives to improve her cattle handling skills and enjoys spending time with the animals. 

Libby shares how wonderful it is to be a part of agriculture in Mississippi. 

“I wanted to pursue a career in agriculture because I believe being connected to land and animals as a caregiver and steward is a very rewarding experience in many ways, and I want to be a part of it as much as I can,” she said. “Through my role at MSU, I not only get to help raise animals and take care of the land, but I also support others as they do the same through the research we publish.”

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