Mark Henry

  • September 2018

Extension Associate I
MSU Extension Service
Delta Research & Extension Service

Years in Position: 7
Years at MSU: 7

Mississippi State Extension Associate Mark Henry works tirelessly with farmers to help them better understand and use irrigation tools, such as Pipe Planners, moisture sensors and surge valves.

“One of my favorite aspects of this job is meeting new people and then leaving there knowing that I was able to help someone,” Mark said.

Mark recalled teaching someone how to use computer hole selection to irrigate. The client told him that he already knew what holes to punch in the poly pipe.

“This farmer had been keeping notes for ten years, and I explained a much more efficient and easier way to keep track using the computer,” Mark said. “He gave me a field to do, and in about ten minutes, I gave him a hole punch for his poly pipe.”

When the farmer checked Mark’s calculations against his own, they were both very similar. Needless to say, the farmer started using computer hole selection.

Mark chose this career because he enjoys meeting and helping others and educating them about the principles of efficient farm work.

Outside the office, Mark enjoys spending his spare time with his grandchildren. He also enjoys woodworking, cooking, and hunting.

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