Michael Minaldi

  • March 2023

Animal Health Center Resident

MSU College of Veterinary Medicine

Years at MSU: 1.5

During his third year of veterinary school, Michael Minaldi knew that his interests lie outside the general veterinary practice, which led him to specialize in ophthalmology. As a resident at Mississippi State University’s Animal Health Center (AHC), a clinical service unit of the College of Veterinary Medicine, Minaldi treats animals with ocular diseases.

“I performed my first cataract removal surgery on a dog named Eli who was blinded from his cataracts,” recalled Minaldi. “The moment he saw his owner for the first time following his surgery was heartwarming and something I'll always remember.”

From cats and dogs to horses, guinea pigs, and rabbits, Minaldi and the team at the AHC perform advanced eye surgeries such as canine cataract removal, as well as treat diseases with topical eye drops like drugs used for human eye disease. In addition to providing medical treatment, Minaldi shares his knowledge with future veterinarians, helping teach and train senior veterinary students to diagnose and treat eye diseases.

Minaldi believes good communication skills and empathy for clients and owners are necessary components of being a good veterinarian. 

“Although often rewarding, being a veterinarian can be difficult. Some days all you do is convey sad/bad information to pet owners, and that can certainly weigh on vets. Most veterinarians don't do it for the money, so it's always important to remember to be kind,” said Minaldi.

While Minaldi and his wife received their undergraduate degrees from another university, they are enjoying the possibility of raising a future Bulldog. They attended the opening weekend of baseball season at Dudy Noble Field while their son, Peter, was dressed for the occasion in maroon and white.  

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