Mohammad Muntasir Rahman

  • January 2024

Postdoctoral Associate

Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Years in position and service to MSU: 1.5

What if a smartphone could diagnose and monitor cardiovascular disease? As a postdoctoral associate within the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Mississippi State University since July 2022, Mohammad Muntasir Rahman’s research is focused on making this a reality. He is investigating how computer vision and machine/deep learning can extract vital signals from smartphone videos.

“My work at Mississippi State University allows me to collaborate with experts to develop technologies that have practical applications in health care,” said Rahman. “Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, which imposes a significant burden on public health and economies. My research aims to mitigate this challenge by paving the way for a novel, low-cost method of diagnosing and monitoring cardiovascular disease.”

Rahman has made strides in his research, developing a low-cost, contactless algorithm for extracting seismocardiography, or SCG, signals from chest videos recorded by a smartphone camera using computer vision. SCG is the noninvasive measurement of the local vibrations of the chest wall produced by the mechanical activity of the human heart. It may provide diagnostic information for cardiovascular diseases, such as heart failure and ischemia.

“I am passionate about my research because this technology has the potential to revolutionize the field of cardiovascular disease diagnosis, making it more accessible and affordable for patients worldwide,” said Rahman.

Rahman was born and raised in Bangladesh where he spent more than eight years teaching graduate and undergraduate students and designed courses on various subjects in computer science and engineering.

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