Natoya Tate

  • July 2024

Assistant Academic Affairs Manager
College of Veterinary Medicine
Years in position: 4
Years at MSU: 9

Behind every student entering the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) at Mississippi State University is a team focused on setting students up for success. One of those people is Natoya Tate. As the CVM Assistant Academic Affairs Manager, Tate manages the academic affairs support staff and communicates consistently with students and faculty to facilitate academic advising, enrollment, curriculum, scheduling, evaluations and more.  

“Being a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine student is so stressful and demanding that we try to manage as much as we can for them to alleviate some of that stress and anxiety, not only here at the college but also in their outside lives,” said Tate. “We have students stop by our office who need help or are concerned about a fellow student, and we’re always happy to assist them.”

In 2005, Tate earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication with an emphasis in public relations from MSU and began working with a Mississippi School District on federal grants. Her experience opened the door to an office associate position with the MSU CVM Pathobiology and Population Medicine Department and Dr. Margaret Khaitsa’s grant program, Capacity Building in Integrated Management of Transboundary Animal Diseases and Zoonoses (CIMTRADZ) focused on global educational experiences with an emphasis on animal production, health, food security and One Health. In her current role, Tate said she enjoys being able to be a part of the students’ journeys. 

This career has opened the door for her to enjoy the academic process and be a part of students' academic journeys. 

“As they transition from learning the ins and outs of veterinary medicine to hands-on experience, I get to help them along the way, and I think that is the most rewarding aspect of my career,” said Tate. “Witnessing the moment when students discover a field of study that they are passionate about and decide to pursue after graduation is the best reward of my job.”  

Beyond helping students and taking charge of academic affairs, Tate values her family-like work environment. 

“My favorite memory is when the entire office participated in the Christmas door decoration contest. We decorated the door with a Charlie Brown theme, and we all dressed up in our favorite Christmas attire,” Tate said.  

Tate and her husband, Mario, have been married for 17 years. Together they have six children and four grandchildren. She enjoys watching her children play baseball and softball and capturing the moments through her love of photography.

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