Tashmia Turner

  • December 2019

MSU Extension Service
Madison County

Years in position: 13 years
Years at MSU: 13 years

As an Extension agent, Tashmia Turner serves as a connection from Mississippi State University to the people of Madison County. She conducts community-based workshops and provides research-based information on any topic related to the family.

Her favorite part of her job is being a resource in the community. She finds delivering information to people that could potentially enhance the quality of their lives very rewarding.

“I chose this career because I have the opportunity to educate and engage with the people who need it most.” Turner said. “The educational exchanges that we make as Extension agents will have lasting impacts on our clients’ lives.”

In her career, Turner is focused on educating others. When in the grocery store, she often has the opportunity to talk about the best choice or selection for creating a balanced meal or a healthy snack. She is always talking to the people in her community about healthy and mindful choices.

“I have a passion for people, a confidence in the educational content that I am delivering, an excitement about the information I deliver, and an enthusiasm to gain a better understanding of new ideas and knowledge; all these things are required to be successful and happy in my position.”

After 13 years of service, Turner is still excited about her work as an Extension agent and the potential that she has as an educator to impact the world – one person, one family, one community at a time. 

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