Tesheila Moore

  • August 2019

Years in position: 5
Years at MSU: 5

Tesheila Moore may have started her MSU career through a temporary agency, but she quickly realized the College of Veterinary Medicine was a place she wanted to stay.

While her job duties focus on keeping the Department of Pathobiology and Population Medicine offices and bathrooms clean and the trash cans emptied, she sees her work as part of CVM’s larger educational mission.

“The students often stop me and tell me how much they appreciate the work I do to make everything nice,” Moore said.

Being attentive to the needs of the people around her and the relationships she has formed have made going to work every day a positive experience for Moore.

“People are friendly, and I’ve gotten close to a lot of them, especially the girls in the lab,” she said. “I try to do everything they ask me to do.”

Moore said some of the people who encouraged her the most have now retired or passed away, and she misses them.

While it’s not always easy to clean up after others, Moore is willing to do the job and do it thoroughly.

“People say I’m OCD because I hate seeing things out of place,” she explained. “I think my work speaks for itself. If you walk through my area, I think you will see my attention to detail.”

In her free time, Moore likes to spend time with her family.

“I like to put God first, so I spend time at church, too,” she said.

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