Xiao Jun Dong

  • August 2020

Research Technician
Delta Research and Extension Center

Years in position: 11
Years at MSU: 16

Xiao Jun Dong has worked for Mississippi State assisting plant pathologists for 11 years. She conducts laboratory and field experiments related to crop disease management. 

“One of our main focuses is to help extract and quantify parasitic nematodes from the soil,” she said. “This provides accurate assessment and diagnosis of plant-parasitic nematodes that threaten our agriculture.”

Xiao enjoys working in the lab and being outside in the fields. Her favorite memory on the job was during her very first year when she learned how to use a nematode extractor. She explains how nematode diagnosis requires efficient recovery of the plant‐parasitic nematodes from the plant or soil sample.

She has continuously been an enthusiastic gardener and enjoys the outdoors. She is constantly ready and willing to learn new information. 

“This job not only allows me to learn more about plants and crops but also to enjoy the outdoors at work,” said Xiao.

In her spare time, Xiao enjoys gardening at home, fishing, and other activities involving the outdoors. 

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