McIntire-Stennis Forestry Research Act

Public Law 87-788 of 1962 Assisting States in Forestry Research

To authorize the Secretary of Agriculture to encourage and assist the several States in carrying on a program of forestry research, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,

That it is hereby recognized that research in forestry is the driving force behind progress in developing and utilizing the resources of the Nation's forest and related rangelands. The production, protection, and utilization of the forest resources depend on strong technological advances and continuing development of the knowledge necessary to increase the efficiency of forestry practices and to extend the benefits that flow from forest and related rangelands. It is recognized that the total forestry research efforts of the several State colleges and universities and of the Federal Government are more fully effective if there is close coordination between such programs, and it is further recognized that forestry schools are especially vital in the training of research workers in forestry.

In order to promote research in forestry, the Secretary of Agriculture is hereby authorized to cooperate with the several States for the purpose of encouraging and assisting them in carrying out programs of forestry research.

Such assistance shall be in accordance with plans to be agreed upon in advance by the Secretary and (a) land-grant colleges or agricultural experiment stations established under the Morrill Act of July 2, 1862 (12 Stat. 503), as amended, and the Hatch Act of March 2, 1887 (24 Stat. 440), as amended, and (b) other State-supported colleges and universities offering graduate training in the sciences basic to forestry and having a forestry school; however, an appropriate State representative designated by the State's Governor shall, in any agreement drawn up with the Secretary of Agriculture for the purposes of this Act, certify those eligible institutions of the State which will qualify for assistance and shall determine the proportionate amounts of assistance to be extended these certified institutions.

To enable the Secretary to carry out the provisions of this Act there are hereby authorized to be appropriated such sums as the Congress may from time to time determine to be necessary but not exceeding in any one fiscal year one-half the amount appropriated for Federal forestry research conducted directly by the Department of Agriculture for the fiscal year preceding the year in which the budget is presented for such appropriation. Funds appropriated and made available to the States under this Act shall be in addition to allotments or grants that may be made under other organizations.

The amount paid by the Federal Government to any State-certified institutions eligible for assistance under this Act shall not exceed during any fiscal year the amount available to and budgeted for expenditure by such college or university during the same fiscal year for forestry research from non-Federal sources. The Secretary is authorized to make such expenditures on the certificate of the appropriate official of the college or university having charge of the forestry research for which the expenditures as herein provided are to be made. If any or all of the colleges or universities certified for receipt of funds under this Act fails to make available and budget for expenditure for forestry research in any fiscal year sums at least as much as the amount for which it would be eligible for such year under this Act, the difference between the Federal funds available and the funds made available and budgeted for expenditure by the college or university shall be reapportioned by the Secretary to other eligible colleges or universities of the same State if there be any which qualify therefor and, if there be none, the Secretary shall reapportion such differences to the qualifying colleges and universities of other States participating in the forestry research program.

Apportionments among participating States and administrative expenses in connection with the program shall be determined by the Secretary after consultation with a national advisory board of not less than seven officials of the forestry schools of the State-certified eligible colleges and universities chosen by a majority of such schools. In making such apportionments consideration shall be given to pertinent factors including, but not limited to, areas of non-Federal commercial forest land and volume of timber cut annually from growing stock.

The Secretary is authorized and directed to prescribe such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act and to furnish such advice and assistance through a cooperative State forestry research unit in the Department of Agriculture as will best promote the purposes of this Act. The Secretary is further authorized and directed to appoint an advisory committee which shall be constituted to give equal representation to Federal-State agencies concerned with developing and utilizing the Nation's forest resources and to the forest industries. The Secretary and the national advisory board shall seek at least once each year the counsel and advice of the advisory committee to accomplish effectively the purposes of this Act.

The term "forestry research" as used in this Act shall include investigations relating to: (1) Reforestation and management of land for the production of crops of timber and other related products of the forest; (2) management of forest and related watershed lands to improve conditions of waterflow and to protect resources against floods and erosion; (3) management of forest and related rangeland for production of forage for domestic livestock and game and improvement of food and habitat for wildlife; (4) management of forest-lands for outdoor recreation; (5) protection of forest land and resources against fire, insects, diseases, or other destructive agents; (6) utilization of wood and other forest products; (7) development of sound policies for the management of forest lands and the harvesting and marketing of forest products; and (8) such other studies as may be necessary to obtain the fullest and most effective use of forest resources.

The term "State" as used in this Act shall include Puerto Rico.

Approved October 10, 1962 (76 Stat. 806).